vie de merde

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english translation
It's already one month, a whole month that we moved, we left the small island of LAMMA, the small house with small garden, my small bounty, quack of paradise that I liked so much.

10 days with intense packaging period with many " haaann my yellow-platic-duck , where should I arrange it? in the cardboard box " bath toys "? Or in the cardboard box " sex-toys"? , 10 days during which one wonders how one could live with as many tricks that one does not even remember to have bought nor used one day.

"We 're gonna need more cardboard boxes"

The happy pet's owners and friends will not contradict me undoubtedly if I tell the true part of pleasure which was the emprisonnement in cage of our cats, which had measuring rod very well what occurred and like so much to be made encaged in a gray plastic box which smells the cat's wee. Between the mewings and the desperate blows of claws as they feels the slaughter-house…

"I KNOW you don't like it and I DON'T CARE! Now get into that fu***ng cage!"

… we just close for the last time the sheet door of the house, repressing a small tear by thinking of the beach that I leave. Admittedly there were 2 months of rain not-stop, moisturing which rots the linen, the walls which mildew and the centipedes which come to take refuge under the pillow; but all that is finished.

"Can't believe it's SUNNY NOW!!!!!"

(good weather fixes on all hongkong since qu' one left, grrr…)

The last voyage in ferry, 30 minutes of happiness to feel last once the spray, fuel oil, as much familiar odors which I will also miss.

"Smells strange, doesn't it?"
"I know, Yaiyai just peed in her vomit"

To return downtown, in the family apartment of Waiyim, in Tseung Kwan O, residential district ZUP-style containing buildings of 38 floors, even for a guy from Paris like me, that always impressing.

"Yeaaahh, back in my place!"

Return in the apartment thus, where neither the song of the birds, nor the gracious flight of the butterflies will rock us more. Nature, is like capri, is finished. Bouh.

"Yeaaahhh, let's open the carboard boxes again… OMG! There was a centipede inside!"

(to be followed)


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11 responses to “vie de merde

  1. pfelelep

    fichier un peu lourd à charger, mais en basse résolution c'est vraiment vilain pas bô. 😦

  2. anonymous

    CHOI writes:

    Wow, Unbelieveable! I can understand your comic without english!! HAHA*Don't you afraid Yia yia (your cat) run away from ur new apartment? The environment is very different between Lamma Island and Cheung kwan O now… She must very sick about this.

  3. pfelelep

    @CHOI: Great! that's exactly why I'm drawing comics in hongkong! Telling stories to share without the language barrier problem.Yaiyai is a bit depressed here, but… I let her use the DVD player to watch Garfield to distract herself. 😎

  4. Zulia

    Yeah I understand it too eventhough I dont knw french.AaaaaackThe centipede again!Awh poor Yaiyai I hope Yaiyai gets better

  5. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Moving can be very tough. Hope all of you have settled in now. 🙂

  6. pfelelep

    @Zulia: centipedes are my nightmare. resistance is futile.@mickey: oh yeah! Yaiyai is still lying on my scanner, watching me, as usual. 😎

  7. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    😆 My cat perches on the printer to watch me.

  8. anonymous

    Alvin writes:Finally still there ^^

  9. beavidal

    Poor Cat!!! Je comprends un peu le français. J'ai étudié le français pendant 2 mois.Maintenant, j'ai lire vous messages (un peu) 😀

  10. pfelelep

    Thank you b_laudanum. I'm really flattered by your interest :happy:

  11. beavidal

    I really need to learn it… 🙂

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