China’s Agony of Defeat

A very interesting article found on zhouye's blog:
China’s Agony of Defeat by Orville Schell.

It's impossible to understand what the Games mean to the Chinese without understanding their history of humiliation.

read more here.


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2 responses to “China’s Agony of Defeat

  1. zhouye.ah

    Hi, Pfelelep:When you browse the Archive ( in my blog, you will find I posted several same (at least some key words are the same. 🙄 ) posts during March and April, that's why I posted what I was thinking in those tough days in my opera community after a long haul to bypass the GFW.The world got crazy in those days, both China and the Asians, Africans and the Latin Americans, and of course, the famous "8 allied countries". It's hard to recall the humiliation.Orville Schell had written out many things I thought, he is such a talented reporter.PS, please look at the following naive posts list, very strange to read it again: 😀 April 200813th Hypocritical Superiority Complex 12th TV show11th Inferiority Complex Final08th Inferiority Complex 408th Flame went out06th Don't be so cnn03rd Inferiority Complex 302nd Inferiority Complex 202nd Inferiority ComplexMarch 200831st All Fool29th Let it be28th Pride and Affectation28th Pride and Prejudice28th Subconsciously Counterattack27th Respect

  2. pfelelep

    that's a lot of reading ahead, let's have a look. 🙂

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