Beetle Bébert.

english translation:
Meet Bebert.
Bebert is a Geotrupidae (from Greek geos, earth, and trypetes, borer), a member of the family of beetles in the order Coleoptera. They are commonly called dor beetles or earth-boring dung beetles.
Wings-equipped, the geotrupidae can fly with a characteristic buzzing.
Do I look "characteristic" to you? WTF.
Those insects are typically detrivores, provisioning their nests with leaf litter (often moldy), but are occasionally coprophagous, similar to dung beetles.
Yeah, yeah. Not my favourite meal really. and I… Uh? what's that?
They sometimes drink the sap of cutted trees or mature fruits.
GOD! Look at that!
You can witness dozen of them dying in a beer can left in the forest.
Yumm, it's an 5-days-old' one at least!

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english translation:

(singing): 99 bottles of beer (hips) on the wall…:drunk:

According to the latest news, Bebert and his pals are alright, they are sleeping it off in lamma's garden.

I got up to 6 drunken beetles a day, falling in the garden. Even my cats are bored.
But every time, I felt I HAVE to help them to rollover upright.
(drinker's solidarity):cheers:


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14 responses to “Beetle Bébert.

  1. pfelelep

    La chanson originale peut s'écouter ici. 😀

  2. arnaud1369

    J'adore ce post 🙂

  3. I_ArtMan

    like a scarab, botn in a ball of dung. obsessed with dung for it's whole existence.or the 'japanese beetle' scouge of all rose cultivators.i can't help but throw my weight around; i am in favor of the beetles. i am sure that they are doing a fine job in the world.

  4. pfelelep

    @Arnaud: merci, j'y passé du temps pour rendre une histoire d'un scarabée un tantinet intéressante.@Artman: I guess we ALL have a task on earth, uh? 🙄

  5. sprogger

    Great stuff :up:

  6. anonymous

    Blüblü aka Melanie writes:

    Après des peripeties sans fin (les travaux dans ma maison a moi), je peux enfin revenir te voir.Je t'envoie un petit mail plus en detail dans les jours a venir (ais- je encore ton adresse, d'ailleurs?!). Je vais avoir un peu plus de temps.Gros gros bisous.

  7. anonymous

    Blüblü writes:ps: "je me defonce les fesses (a faire une belle planche)", c'est un bon truc pour attirer le chalant? 🙂

  8. Henar

    Your beetle stories are hilarious!!!!!!!!:lol: Thanks for bringing a smile to my face every time I visit your blog!!!!

  9. Shaunak

    😆 priceless…. 😆

  10. pfelelep

    thanks to all of you, your messages really makes my day :love:

  11. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    😆 Had a similar thing happen in our front garden in Canada. There was some sort of berry bush and the fruit had all fermented. One morning a flock of birds came and stripped it bare, then spent the rest of the day swarming around the garden like mad things.

  12. pfelelep

    @Mickey: so your tatoo will be a drunken mockeybird?

  13. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Good guess :up:But no :down:

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