Eureka? Tu quoque fili mi.


I've just finished my very, very first sudoku's.


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23 responses to “Eureka? Tu quoque fili mi.

  1. sprogger

    Ooops I see a mistake ;)Seriously though, watch out they are addictive little buggers. 😀

  2. pandesris

    lol, sudoku,I like it, but I can't play.

  3. LorenzoCelsi

    Here comes a little lesson:There are two main versions about the last words of Caesar, recognizing Brutus among the attackers:Svetonius: Caesar speaks in greek: "και συ τεκνον?" (kai su, teknon? – "Even you, son?") (De Vita Caesarum Liber I Divus Iulius, LXXXII)And the traditional poetical version: "Tu quoque, Brute, fili mi!" (Even you, Brutus, my son).Note:1. The "poetical version" is not present in any latin literature. It was probably a later addon from the original greek version.2. In theory following the latin grammar rules it should be "fili-us me-us" (nominative) – "fili-e me-e" (vocative) but both are exceptions so they are actually "fili mi".

  4. pfelelep

    @sprogger: it's too soon to say I'm addicted, but I really enjoyed playing this!:idea: @Pande Sri S: me neither, but I still can count to 10 in 5 languages ^^@Lorenzo: well, the french wikipedia seems to use "Tu quoque mi fili", even if quoting the original "Tu quoque fili mi".I really don't have a clue about this Lorenzo. :sherlock: @Liu: je ne vous jetterai pas la pierre, je n'y ai joué pour la première fois que hier, en attendant le ferry.

  5. Liu

    I don't like sudokus … what is it made for ? :bye:

  6. LorenzoCelsi

    It doesn't matter much because, like I said, NO Latin author quotes the "fili mi" sentence, there are only two texts that report the Greek version. If you wonder why Greek, Caesar spent many years of his youth in greece and greek speaking countries. On a side note, his enemies accused him to have got used to homosexual relationships during his "greek years" in an age when in Rome it was officially severely blamed.Actually it was mostly any passive (homo)sexual role to be unacceptable for a Roman, especially for a noble.Edit: I've read the French wiki (you know I can't write French but being a neo-latin language I can read it a little) and it translates directly the greek version like I did above in english. I am not an expert but the "mi fili" sounds wrong to my ears both in Latin and Italian because of the vocative case. ————BTW, this post should be titled "Eureka". It is greek as well and it means "I've found it", it comes from a legend about Archimedes discovering the principle of floating.I do not think you have been stabbed by your son while completing your sudoku. 🙂

  7. pfelelep

    @Lorenzo: title edited (seems it's an french spoken distortion), thank you for your explanations.actually, the "Tu quoque fili mi" refers to my mother's friend which is a big, big fan of sudoku ^^But "Eureka" suits just great here!

  8. Pif

    I thought, concerning Cesar's final word, that Asterix was the authoritative reference.

  9. LorenzoCelsi

    One part of history that isn't told much is that the worse enemies of the Celts weren't the Romans (who actually were bad guys) but the Germans who moved from northern Europe and first pressed on the Celts in northern and central Europe then invaded all the West and the South.You know France takes its name from the Franks who were a German tribe, not from the Celts either the Romans. On a side note, the Roman name of France was "Gallia" from the latin word for the Celts, "Galli". Gallia = the land of Galli. The Romans took the name from the Greeks who called the Celts "Galati" (Galli) or "Keltoi" (Celts). Same for England, that besides the name (the Anglos and Saxons were two German tribes as well) is also in the german-language area of Europe.And so on. Actually modern Western Europe is the result of the German influence above the latin general layer. Commonalities among countries come from the balancing of those two components.The Celt heritage is present but very deep and difficult to recognize. For example the city were I live, Milan, was originally a Celt town whose sacre totem was the wild pig. But after the Roman occupation and then the several German invasions/migrations, almost nothing of the Celts was left. The region is named "Lombardia" from another german tribe, "Longbards".

  10. maxsims

    xD faudrait que je montre ça à mon amie. Moi ça me prend des heures faire un sudoku alors qu'elle en fait des centaines -_-

  11. nopanic

    That´s great pfelelep. Great for the little grey cells, nes pas?! 😀

  12. yumarlenehesayz

    Seriously though, watch out they are addictive little buggers.

    …true story.:D

  13. pfelelep

    @Pif: Bingo! merci Goscinny d'ailleurs.@lorenzo: /take notes for himself/@maxims: encore une left-brained, hein? :p @Nopanic: I can feel them dying :bomb:@Sprogger & yumarlene: I'm already addicted, but I haven't found any near dealer so far. :whistle:

  14. nopanic

    😆 It´s because the creative part of your brain is to big. The rational part is suffering 😆

  15. yumarlenehesayz

    I always carry it with me in my enormous monk bag. Any free time I have…is always Sudoku time.Lookey here. 🙂

  16. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    You completed your first one? :hat:Unfortuantely, based on personal experience, you ARE now addicted. I have a computer version that I play several times a day. 😉

  17. pfelelep

    @mickey: actually, the computer version doesn't fit me: I prefer the old newspaper one, the kind that you gradually destroy with your misses and your eraser.

  18. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    I do paper ones too, but I need more than that to get my fix. :insane:

  19. nopanic

    Wow! New Su-doku-mentary:Mickey. A man with an addiction 🙂

  20. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    😦 It's hard when you have a four-five puzzle a day habit. 😆

  21. pfelelep

    especially when your GF/wife/mother-in-law/kid/neighbour/friend/relative/cop/alien wants to talk to you WITHOUT DELAY for a non-interessant subject FOR HOURS…just inthemiddleofyourafeterlunch-sudoku-break-time.(being interrupted is worse that being unavailable to start) :bomb:

  22. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    And if you lose your place and have to start over. :furious:

  23. nopanic

    This is serious :left: :eyes:

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