Picasso’s Overdose

Creative Commons License

english translation:
what's happening?
An overdose!

Pablo Picasso: The Vollard Suite
17 May to 20 July 2008

University Museum and Art Gallery
The University of Hong Kong
94 Bonham Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

BY BUS : Bus nos 3B, 23, 40, 40M, 103
BY PUBLIC LIGHT BUS : Light Bus nos 8, 10, 10A, 22, 28, 31
to the East Gate stop of the University


Go, go, GO! it's magnificent! :yes:
(and guess what? even if the museum don't speak about it, it's ALL ABOUT SEX!) :devil:


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16 responses to “Picasso’s Overdose

  1. pfelelep

    ce sera avec plaisir ^^

  2. Liu

    Waow… you're lucky !!! I will post one of the copies I made from Picasso soon. Tell me if you've seen this one for true ! :p

  3. attilasoul

    Great sketch, as always :up:

  4. DedoDigital

    Thank for enter in the blog!.I hope you very nice day!!!.Sorry my orrorific errors…jajajaja…Ciao!.:wizard:You are a very big designer!.Very beautiful your design and comics too.Adios amigo!.:lol:

  5. kirstycat

    Wish I could see it! Hong Kong is quite far away from where I am to see an exhibition though ;)I like your 'art overdose' drawing! hehe

  6. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    I take it you're a fan of his work Pfelelep? 😀

  7. pfelelep

    @Attila and Dedodigital: thanks :)@Kirsten: I huess this exhibition is going to travel around the world, surely nack to europe soon.@Mickey: I'm addicted! ^^ Naaahh.. Picasso's intaglio prints, really well exhibited. it was beautiful.

  8. kirstycat

    ah good 🙂 I shall wait paitently for them to arrive to me then :up:

  9. anonymous

    Flora writes:

    Bonjour Phillippe!Je suis allee a cette exposition! J'ai vu les "prints" (qu'est-ce que on peut dire en francais?) de Picasso pour la premiere fois. Tu es alle a l'autres expositions (a l'universite)?

  10. pfelelep

    Bonjour Flora. Tu sais presque parfaitement écrire français maintenant! :up:On dit les "gravures" de Picasso parce que c'est la technique utilisée.

  11. liebeshaf

    sounds interesting!have to go there soon.

  12. pfelelep

    @liebeshaf: you are from hongkong?

  13. I_ArtMan

    ce ne possible pas que j'irai overdose quand je vois les ouevres de monsieur picasso. :happy:

  14. pfelelep

    @artman: overdose? or heart attack?

  15. Liu

    Nooo, Artman said 'bonheurdose'… (bon d'accord c'est nul…)

  16. I_ArtMan

    yeah, i just meant i never get tired of picasso. he's a painter's painter. that's for sure. and i like the way he just kept on 'truckin'.i wouldn't overdose. but i am prone to 'museum fever' can't stay for more than a couple of hours. 😎

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