Laundry day/ Lessive

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23 responses to “Laundry day/ Lessive

  1. pfelelep

    Un mois et demi qu'ça dure. Quand je marche, mes chaussettes font un bruit de carton.

  2. Liu

    Haaan ! T'as pas pensé au sèche-cheveux pour sécher les chaussettes ? ça marche du tonnerre ! :p

  3. LorenzoCelsi

    Is the washer outside in the yard?

  4. LorenzoCelsi

    Here there are "portable-folding" things you can use to hang a limited amount of stuff to dry, something like: You can put it in any room in emergency and fold it when not in use.What puzzles me is the washer ouside, exposed to the rain and such. Being an electrical device, probably made in painted iron that can get rusty…

  5. pfelelep

    @Liu: dejà que je dois sécher mes chats qui veulent QUAND MEME aller voir ailleurs si elles y sont… :rolleyes:@Lorenzo: yes, and most important: there's no place to hang the clothes inside the house, it HAS to get dry outside, somehow…

  6. kirstycat

    hehe, I like this one 🙂 Happens a lot in Scotland too! 😉

  7. pfelelep

    @lorenzo: thanks! but actually our house is THAT small that we cannot use it inside (or would be really unconfortable to move ourselves).That's why usually we live OUTSIDE the house, in the garden, that's the main advantage of the place. With the rain and humidity (90%), it became really oppressive.The washing machine is 95% plastic-made and yes, it stay outside, usually kept under a "plastic cover" (tarpaulin?)@kirstencatriona: that's the reason Scotland is soooooo green? :happy:

  8. kirstycat

    yep, I think it rains here almost every day of the year! I like that though 😉

  9. LorenzoCelsi

    In my house there is a small room where there is the heater and I have got one of those folding thing in there because you can't dry stuff out most of the year here, expecially in the city. Other people have similar things in the bathroom. Anyway you know your business better than me. 🙂

  10. pfelelep

    @kirstencatriona: me too! But living near the beach, it wasn't my plan to stay inside all month long!:cry: @Lorenzo: actually, I've never lived in such a small house in my life, but in Hongkong, I've learned how "living space" could become a luxury. :insane: So I get used to it.Some people of my (french) family cannot imagine that I'm not in town centre and have such an small house. Well, rents are soooooooooo expensive in hongkong.

  11. wickedlizard

    your laundry machine is outside??? :eyes:

  12. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Been there, done that. 😦 Though at least our washing machine is inside. ;)Funny how in a country as wet as Ireland, clothes driers are still considered a luxury. 🙄

  13. pfelelep

    @Mick "Ireland is the country where the grass is always green" said Corto MalteseHongkong is the country where…. it's not supposed to rain THIS LONG apart from the rainy season!

  14. pfelelep

    here's my washing machine details :p :"étonnant, non"?

  15. pfelelep

    @Liu: en plus, c'est pas cher. ^^It's been raining for 2 months and there's no short circuit so far (/touche du bois)

  16. Liu

    I loooove Corto :flirt:

  17. Liu

    Well… electric stuff outside sounds kind of scary no ? Is it safe when it rains ?I really like the Plastic washer, it might be easier to recycle…:up:

  18. Liu

    Come back to France for the summer, we are having warming days (32°C in Nantes)…:lol:

  19. LorenzoCelsi

    Definetely it is much easier to recycle metal than plastic, mostly because metal is 100% reusable while recycled plastic can't be used for the original purpose due to the different chemicals that go in the recycled mix. The reason why plastic is used instead of steel or aluminium is plastic is much cheaper.@pfelelep: The whole eletrical and gas assembly looks a little scaring from here, even if probably it is better to have the gas can outside. There is an advantage being there, I guess it is rainy and humid but the temperature never gets too cold or too hot, so exposed stuff don't get worn out quickly.

  20. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Mick "Ireland is the country where the grass is always green" said Corto Maltese

    The clothes too, when you can't dry them they start to grow moss. 😉

  21. jutax

    Vois le bon côté des choses, si tu déménages, tu trouveras peut être un endroit avec de la place pour un séchoir …

  22. pfelelep

    @Liu: t'es pas censée être aux Séchelles?@Lorenzo: So far so good :whistle: @mickey: greenpeace sponsored!@jutax: supeeeeeeeer motivant. En plus, c'est même pas évident. je t'enverrai des photos 😉

  23. Liu

    Je suis venue prendre le frais un peu ici… 😆

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