China Earthquake / tremblement de terre au Sichuan

Le 12 mai, en Chine, un tremblement de terre d’une magnitude de 7,8 a secoué la province du Sichuan.

Les médias relaient l'évènement, c'est très, très impressionnant. Et le bilan humain est très lourd.

Ca se passe à la TV pour vous, c'est à côté de là où j'habite; et nous y étions l'année dernière, Waiyim et moi, le temps d'une semaine de cours à Chengdu. Nous avons des amis là-bas. Voir mes 4 pages de newsletter à ce sujet

Pour les anglophones, je recommande vivement le blog de OLE, terriblement instructif en la matière environmentale.

English version:
2008 Wenchuan earthquake occurs in Sichuan, China

It's not just on TV, it's the country I'm living in. We were there in Chengdu. last year with Waiyim, there's people we know there. See my newsletter about this trip here (in french, 4 pages to go).

For all english-readers, I highly recommand OLE's blog about all environnment, climate and geological infos.

UPDATE : impressive pictures on this french blog, start from here


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4 responses to “China Earthquake / tremblement de terre au Sichuan

  1. nielsol

    Actually I did not think of you. After all Hong Kong is quite a distance from Chengdu. The nearest I have ever been to Chengdu is Xian.Best wishesOle

  2. sanshan

    It just breaks my heart to imagine this tragedy. That is one of the few places I never visited though I did meet people from there.

  3. Aprilsnow

    It's absolutely devastating! Many people still don't have a clue about the scale of this earthquake… I am very sad and scared. I am leaving my post link here where you can find China's reports in both English and Chinese.

  4. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:

    are you okay? :heart:wickedlizard here.

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