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still there, the only internet's location for now.
Keepin' sketching thought, many people enjoying some peaceful rest.

(gosh their coffee is bad.)


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6 responses to “Starbeurks.

  1. I_ArtMan

    personally, i have never been attracted to anything institutionalized. i like small operations run by people who want to work and enjoy contact with their customers. when i was in culver city, i used to go almost every day to a little coffee house with an outdoor comfortability and giant bags of coffee beans and barrels of coffee on the way to the counter which contained in a cool display case, some of the most appetising diliciousneses you could ever find anywhere.the place is called the 'conservancy' and is run by a large family who each take their shift with pleasant vibrations. i had a chance to visit them recently and guess what… they remembered me. and the girl, a daughter of the proprietor wouldn't take my money.i said, "why?, because you haven't seen me for so long?" and i launched into that i had moved etc. and i was so touched by that.

  2. hungryghost

    wonderful story ArtMan!!And great pictures as usual…I shall have to be careful not to lounge around Starbeurcks when I'm in HK next….

  3. Liu

    Very nice drawings Pfelelep… Je me demande comment tu me croquerais si j'étais passée par là ! :right:

  4. pfelelep

    @Artman: *sigh*, I need to find a place like this in Hongkong, somehow.@Hungry: don't worry, I rather sketch asian people in Asia. :p I need to practice my asian's face recognition.@Liu: si je rentre cet été, il faudrait VRAIMENT qu'on se fasse une petite bouffe chinatown, depuis le temps que je le promets à Treblig!

  5. Liu

    Ouhlala, je crois que je serai bêtement intimidée de rencontrer Maître Pfe en "flesh 'n bones" (traduction à la Liu)… :worried:

  6. anonymous

    treblig writes:

    If coffee was only bad but it's expensive too.J'ai (un peu) essayé d'organiser ce repas avec Pfelelep et d'autres chinatowniens mais je crois qu'on s'est pris l'effet "pouvoir d'achat" en pleine poire et ça ne libère pas les forces vives des mâchoires…Si notre projet d'expo voit le jour cet été (j'espère), on se fera un "spécial Chinatown" à la galerie, éventuellement sous forme d'un pique-nique dans les jardins de Joséphine ;-)Liu, fais pas ta fausse timide ! 🙂

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