Only in Hong Kong

Aucun doute, je suis rentré à HongKong.

english translation:

Boss, this is Waiyim, she was my professor. She's an artist.

"Artist"? What is that?

Tout comme dans je ne sais plus quelle marque de jus d'orange, rien n'a été rajouté, rien n'a été enlevé. Enjoy.


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10 responses to “Only in Hong Kong

  1. Yorch

    yeah! what is that?

  2. I_ArtMan

    cute. just have to say my definition:an artist is wishing to live on a different level than the obvious.anyone who opens himself to inspiration is an artist.that's all for now. really a very good question.

  3. pfelelep

    @Yorch: actually, Waiyim let her ex-student reply. This kind of situation happens very often in hongkong.@Artman: it COULD HAVE been a very good question; we use to say "truth comes out of children's mouth", but when it comes out an adult's mouth, it's kinda disturbing… 🙄

  4. auré

    impressionant !

  5. I_ArtMan

    i get your point. where has this adult been all his life.

  6. Aprilsnow

    It's a good observation. Hong Kong is very commercial, people are always busy making money, not much appreciation of art and culture. When Hong Kong movie directors work mainland directors, they said they were so impressed by the depth of knowledge of mainland directors, especially in ancient Chinese culture. So, you can see Hong Kong movies are totally different from mainland, those Kongfu movies are just commercial not art and misrepresent Chinese culture.

  7. pfelelep

    @April: please notice that hongkong kungfu movies are internationnaly worshipped :ninja: and actors (and film directors) such as Bruce Lee and Stephen Chow are much much more that stars, they are ICONS.To me kungfu movies ARE a kind of art, a special trend of, to be precise.A few of the best chinese movies I've ever seen were "Devils at my doorsteps" and "Shower" (I must search to remember the director's names), even if they are a bit old. :up:

  8. Aprilsnow

    Oooops, are you going to kill me? 😮 How funny you "worship" art, you guys are an international cult. :pI agree Bruce Lee is a national or maybe international hero, and I like Jacky Chen, Jet Li etc as martial art actors but I don't like those story lines of the Kongfu movies, so fake and commercial, that's why I said they misrepresent Chinese culture, and I don't really watch Kongfu movies… but this is the best martial art movie (director Zhang Yimou)I think, it's an art movie, philosophical.😉

  9. pfelelep

    Hero! Indeed!Beautiful movie yes! :up: The most famous in France was "crouching tiger, hidden dragon", with the pastime female kung-fu star Cheng Pei-pei.(and, no… I won't kill you :p as YOU can tell me a lot about Chinese's movie culture, I'll be happy to be your student). In France, very few chinese movies are shown, as they "have to" follow french people's wishes. With my chinese friends I had an good access to real good chinese movies (as they bring their DVDs with them) but it's still very hard to find them in France.)

  10. Aprilsnow

    So, you watched Hero before? I watched it twice actually. Glad you like it too. But how could I be your teacher? Please don't tease me. 😮 I don't even watch that many movies any more because I don't want to be disappointed. Yes, An Lee's "Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon" pioneered martial art movie on international stage, it was a success, a good film too. He was educated in America which helped him a lot in terms of marketing, he knows how to cater to the western audiences. However, I appreciate Zhang Yimou more because he is more authentic and in-depth. Have you watched his 2nd martial art movie "The House of Flying Daggers"? This one is also beautifully made but easier to understand because it's a ancient love story: know many people like Zhang Yimou. 🙂

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