Bon voyage

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17 responses to “Bon voyage

  1. pfelelep

    Non, l'avion n'a pas la queue qui saigne, c'est le logo qui ressemble à ça (sans lunettes) :ko:

  2. ricewood

    You're real good at these cartoon-style-thingees…..

  3. ALLY_G

    Cool. :up: How long do you work on a picture like this one?

  4. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    :awww: Poor Philippe. Hope she comes back soon.

  5. Liu

    I really like the way you draw yourself and the look in your eyes, very successful!!:flirt:

  6. hungryghost

    sans lunettes ou obscure par les larmes? 😦

  7. pfelelep

    @ricewood: thanks!@Ally: oh, from the sketch to the final scan retouching, it took me less than one hour?@Mickey:actually, I'LL come to her soon.@liu: oué, j'ai le chic pour faire ma tête de chien battu. 😥 @hungry: check this,

  8. ALLY_G

    That is exceptional ! :)I don't have the talent for such drawings. 😦

  9. hungryghost

    LOL…ca c'etait pas gentille… 😥

  10. anonymous

    Lubna writes:bon t'as eu une chouettte soirée de consolation :p

  11. Aprilsnow

    OK, I can understand this one, very good. :up: I wonder how long it takes for you to draw a picture like this?

  12. pfelelep

    I wonder why people are so curious about how long it takes to sketch. Does it look so quickmade?

  13. Aprilsnow

    A careful look tells me the casual look picture actually has a lot details in it, since I have absolutely no idea how to draw, so I ask the question. Now will you tell me?

  14. pfelelep

    I already did! 😉 Look my reply to Ally: from the sketch to the final scan retouching, it took me less than one hour.

  15. Aprilsnow

    😮 wooops, I usually skip other comments on your blog because many are in French which I don't really understand, but this time I skipped English… 😮

  16. kirstycat

    I really like the way you illustrate your stories through your drawings :)They are so good! :up:

  17. pfelelep

    thanks 😀

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