nudity, porn, censorship, whatever… (spam magnet title indeed…)

this post is dedicated to my friend ARTMAN, which live spaces webgallery has been censored for "involving nudity".
I believe this is just censorship and I truely sympathize with you Artman.

Read his full story here:

And, now, ladies and gentlemen, my contribution involving nudity::cheers:

Creative Commons License

(honk, if if you want some man's nudity) ­čśÇ


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8 responses to “nudity, porn, censorship, whatever… (spam magnet title indeed…)

  1. pfelelep

    Petite interruption momentan├ęe de nos programmes BD, mais je veux pas laisser passer cette histoire. Le d├ębat du "├ęrotisme, art ou pornographie?" n'est pas nouveau mais quand la censure tape dans le tas je ne peux QUE me sentir concern├ę."ah oui, mais l├á, on voit le sexe, alors c'est du porno"…:eyes:

  2. I_ArtMan

    honk for common sense and freedom.thank you for this friend… tres amusant. vive la nude.

  3. Liu

    Yeah, vive la nude ! ­čÖé

  4. attilasoul

    Honk! ­čść

  5. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Honk for nudity in general. Down with censorship. :headbang:

  6. wickedlizard

    Honk!!!!! ­čśÇ

  7. beavidal

    oh.. I didnt know that happened to Scott. What a f***Btw, your draws are nice! 'd like to draw like that. I cant do even a /edit for anti-pedogooglesearches/… :p

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