Traune part3

Creative Commons License

To be continued…to part4.

english translation:
Allright, let's go.
I should defragment the Hard Disk more often…


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5 responses to “Traune part3

  1. pfelelep

    Si, si toujours vivant. 😉

  2. Liu

    Beautiful ! :up: C'est quoi ces petits traits rouges sur ton pyjama ? Haaan du sang ?

  3. Dharmanerd

    Blond hair suits you 🙂

  4. I_ArtMan

    ahhh, mon ami, vous avez un imagination fantastique.

  5. pfelelep

    @Dharmanerd: I always wanted to have blond hair :rolleyes:@Liu: du sang! partout! REDRUM!@Artman: this is just the beginning, I'm still writing the story line :it's a complete idea's randomizer!

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