our asian friends all look same

examen numéro un, les visages, venez prendre votre claque:
(moi j'ai fait 6 :down:)

Exam #1: Faces, come get some.
(I scored 6 :down:)


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8 responses to “our asian friends all look same

  1. sanshan

    I got 7. It's not really fair though because if there was a quiz that showed Germans, French and English, would we be able to tell the difference?

  2. didoupuce31

    bon moi j'ai 10c'est pas non plus la gloire

  3. pfelelep

    @Didou: c'est déjà bien meilleur que moi :rolleyes:@Sanshan: it could be really interesting to have the "european test" indeed.

  4. Aprilsnow

    Come on, even we Chinese look different from north to south… but I know what you mean. The first time I watched a western film, I was totally lost, because I couldn't tell one character from another. 😉

  5. sanshan

    I think the hardest test of all would be a Canadian one! It's so funny living here in Vancouver. One of my friends (what an idiot) always says things like , "Oh there's a Chinese person", or "There's an East Indian." And I just reply, "Hmmm, you're wrong, I think they are Canadian."

  6. Aprilsnow

    That's right too. 😛

  7. pfelelep

    I'm better with food recognition: [/IMG]

  8. Aprilsnow

    That's right too. 😛

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