How could I talk about the subject without sketching myself doin' it…
Paper toilet without toilet, in a subtile and poetic way….
Oh, I don't care! I'm back readin' on the beach!

…tout ce que vous vouliez savoir sur la fabrication du PQ sans jamais oser le demander…
et même davantage 🙄


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11 responses to “scatologisme

  1. pfelelep

    notez qu'il ne cesse de pleuvoir depuis le début de mon week-end prolongé. C'est pas juste.

  2. I_ArtMan

    oui, il fait que nous voyons au plage… c'est un bon idee'. nous sommes trop blanche! les ions negatives m'enleve' debout la mer. j'espere il ne pas tres loin du votre maison. ici je voy vingt minutes dans ma jeep… ma jeep vielle et noir… une voiture tres forte. bon voyage…

  3. I_ArtMan

    by the way i spent over an hour visiting your official website and enjoyed viewing your drawing pages especially. also, the black and white photos of l'ecole were tres cool… made me wish i grew up in france… such a better melieu for artists to work together. here, it's every man for himself. competitive and almost cruel.don't forget to correct my labored francais. bit by bit, between you and my baudelaire and rimbaud, i must be fluent when i hit paris in a few years.

  4. Liu

    @Monsieur ArtMan : Your français is very 'charming':)@notre artiste préféré : Merci pour la petite visite. Cette petite musique d'accompagnement de la vidéo, ça fait très 'Connaissances du Monde'je trouve…

  5. I_ArtMan

    liu, oh thank you that's the nicest comment i've ever had regarding my clumsy french. one of my lifelong ambitions has been to parle francais courament. but until one is in the country, it never becomes fluent. i know that from visiting mexico a few times and working with puerto ricans in new york. i didn't even study spanish in school like i did french, but i speak spanish and write spanish much better than i do french.

  6. Liu

    Well, I 've studied spanish for a long time too, and I can tell you that the french language is much more difficult to learn than spanish 🙂 About your french, do not focus on your mistakes, just give your words like you feel them, not only we will understand you but later on you will be able to correct yourself with your own feelings. I like your pict, you look like Hemingway :star::star:… Btw : Hello pfelelep, j'espère que le beau temps est là…:happy:

  7. I_ArtMan

    get red… i c merci.

  8. I_ArtMan

    qu'est-ce-que le mot pour 'blushing'?

  9. pfelelep

    @Liu: le beau temps est revenu: normal, je suis retourné au boulot….:rolleyes:. Attends ce week-end, il va repleuvoir à tous les coups :D@Artman: "blushing"? hmm… "rougir" maybe?

  10. hungryghost

    hmmm…it's stillw arm enough to go sit on the beach? I envy you!

  11. pfelelep

    @hungryghost: huhu, yes, that's the best part living in a sub-tropical area: winter is still warm enough to go swimming….

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