vote for me / elections le retour

The finalists for the My Opera Awards 2007 has been revealed. Let the voting begin!
If you vote for me,

I will not only get rid of unemployment,
Clean all pollution over the world,
and cease all taxes,

but also…


(pour voter, ca se passe ici / vote here: )


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26 responses to “vote for me / elections le retour

  1. sanshan

    Well deserved! Looking forward to your Full Monty. :whistle:

  2. eddybarclay

    Ah ca y est! On y prend gout hein?En tout cas, a voté!

  3. pfelelep

    It seems that I learned A LOT from our last presidential elections :rolleyes:Let's see if it works now :Dgood luck to you BTW sanshan 😉

  4. Liu

    Même pas 'cap'…:happy:

  5. Dudley

    Congratulations :hat:

  6. I_ArtMan

    tout le monde est fou… mais, vous avez mon vote.

  7. hungryghost

    AH non non non – pas le full monty!Mais…avec ou sans le photoshop comme Szakorsy?

  8. volkuro

    Bravo Philippe pour la nomination et bonne chance!

  9. Aprilsnow

    I do want to vote for you 😛 but why do I have to give my street address to Opera? :no:

  10. pfelelep

    Merci à tout le monde!@Liu: le propre des hommes politiques, c'est bien de faire des promesses, non?@Hungry: la vérité NUE, monsieur. Je n'ai PAS BESOIN de photoshop.@Aprilsnow: I think that's for identity verification….

  11. wickedlizard

    😆 😆 😆

  12. musickna

    Congratulations, Pfelelep, and you got my vote (excellent as the other competitors are!) 🙂

  13. hungryghost

    la verite nue…oh :eyes:'Tres courageux – dans un sens literal et metaphoric :eyes:

  14. Liu

    @ pfelelep : oui, mais dans notre monde virtuel, cela aurait pu être différent pour une fois…:rolleyes:

  15. jutax

    Moi, j'ai donné une fausse adresse … Tu crois que ça marchera quand même ? à mon avis ils vérifient ton adresse ip mais pas ton adresse postale.@ +

  16. wickedlizard

    are you going to do the full monty if you win???? :eyes:

  17. pfelelep

    @Isabel: does that means that you are going to vote for me, then?politics, it's just a matter of promise…@jutax: sais po, ça doit juste être pour éviter les faux votes ou les doubles votes?

  18. sprogger

    So is your full monty a promise or a threat? 😉

  19. I_ArtMan

    i guess there's a little exhibitionist in everyone…. but spare us please…not mentioning any names but recently someone else threatened to expose himself. luckily, the furor died down…. so funny… thanks for keeping us chuckling….

  20. pfelelep

    Thanks you VERY much Isabel, but as I diden't win, I guess I won't impose you my "promise"……..for now. 🙄

  21. wickedlizard

    i did vote for you Philipe. 😀

  22. Yorch

    So no full monty… sorry you lost, but actually I'm happy about the lack of Full Monty

  23. wickedlizard

    thank god! 🙄 😆

  24. pfelelep

    don't thank Him too fast, hehehe 😉

  25. wickedlizard

    😆 terrible! :p

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