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I'm still on my moron-mood, the most futile makes me angry. I'm really in a bad mood. The 2 women of my life has to pay the price of my attitude. Fortunately, one of them knows how to pretend not to understand me, the other one is bouddhist.
"what the? Where is my black pencil brush?"
"She…? But it smells..? She peed on my tax return..?"

At the same time, I read "Caravan" from Sfar, an astonishing paper-blog/diary.
"Say, kwailo, wasen't it YOUR turn to wash the dishes?"

Finally, I end drinkin' in a pub, complaining about myself and "redoing" the world
"See… I'm missssing a friend to t-talk about comics to… a sketching f-friend… Hips!"
"But in Hong Kong, there's NOTHING!"
"I'm just a f-fuckin' lonely Ass!"

Before I get completely drunk, I try to sketch the musicians, jamming on old blues/rock themes.
They told me they work in an ambassy in Barcelona, and went in Asia for vacations. I spend the night with them.

(He looks even more depressed as I am)

I sketch, I don't think anymore. I empty my head and my glass as well. I observe and re-create the universe in my sketchbook. I am God, do not mess with me.
I become misanthrope, and want to smoke.
Finally, the spectator's faces fascinate me. I drip my brush in my Guinness glass for the wash tint; the bartender laught and suggest a glass of Bayleys for drawing the shadows.

The last discussion, Tim tell us he spent 70 days in jail in South-Est Asia for drug dealing. We look at him just like he survived Midnight Express. He has such a strong accent, I can only understand 1 word on 20…

I finally go home at 1:00 AM, I diden't hear Waiyim's phone calls, she was about to ask the cops.
I really feel a moron.


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15 responses to “SFAR et PUB

  1. pfelelep

    au fait, j'ai retouvé mon feutre-pinceau…:whistle:

  2. anonymous

    Ndar writes:

    Ca sent le besoin de break, ça… Te laisse pas envahir par la déprime; vois si tu peux pas bouger un peu!!! genre en France qques jours!!!! Le temps est vraiment pourri à Paris en ce moment!!!! Profites en!!!Bisesor, as the english wisely hint regularly at : put the wagl on the beyongl, 'cause it's thrash under the hogl around midnight!!!!!

  3. lorietsson

    Effectivement, ça sent le mal du pays … un remède de cheval : se faire envoyer un paquet de frometons par la Poste, de ceux qui sentent bien fort ..!Definitly, you seems like being homesick … one remedy can be a full pack of french cheeses by mail. The ones that smell the more !

  4. MrPingouin

    Midnight Express… Si ça c'est du putain de film qui te retourne les trippes.J'veux dire.

  5. Liu

    Sympa le:beer: concept du dessin à la :beer:Guinness… La patronne,:beer: elle sait faire :beer: aussi le trèfle :beer:irlandais dans la mousse:beer: de la Guinness:beer: avec le robinet-pression :beer:? hé hé si je m'y:beer: connais pas moi…

  6. anonymous

    fabien writes:Arrête Sfar.

  7. pfelelep

    @Ndar: indeed my dear, my Sbog is always oneagain with a mustard taste.@Lorietsson: /Wallace voice/CHEEEESE!!@le rascal de Pingouin: apparemment, d'après le Wiki, le film déforme pas mal la réalité. L'eusse-tu cru?@Liu, je vois que madame est connaisseuse. Non, je n'ai pas eu le trèfle. Mais au moins, la Guinness a été tirée en deux fois.@Fabien: c'est fait. Je me suis mis à Davis B et son "ascension du haut-mal". Je sais pas si c'est une très bonne idée…

  8. auré

    Fabien a raison, arrete absolument Sfar,relis plutot un bon vieux lucky luke par exemple, avec Goscinny au scénar !tu verras ça iras mieux.

  9. I_ArtMan

    it took me a while but i waded through it successfully. i'm sure reading your blog is helping me with my francais.je rire quand vous trempez la pinceau dans la guinness. tres bien! or is it j'ai ris?oh well, rome wasn't built in a day.

  10. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    I drip my brush in my Guinness glass for the wash tint…

    I don't know whether to applaud the ingenuity or cry at the waste.

  11. pfelelep

    @Auré: Goscinny était un DIeu, entre Astérix, Luck Luke, Iznogooud, Titeuf (ah non!), c'était vraiment le roi de l'humour toutes catégories.@Artman: "j'ai rit", your french is still on top! :up:@mickeyjoe: Guinness is part of my everyday life, everyday job, everyday concern. Besides, it was my second pint.

  12. I_ArtMan

    cool. at least i am making progress. so close and yet so far. thanks for the tip. i am getting closer. you know of course that in english we are not used to declensions. it all seems like a lot of memorizing. but i am determined. someday i am going to france. and i have heard how intolerant the french are with bad francais.je vous en remercie.the hardest part i know is in listening. i will just have to wait for that.

  13. pfelelep

    If a french guy speak foreign langage, it's great :up:if a foreigner speaks french, this is "normal" :rolleyes:intolerant? Not really, we're just the only people on this planet, so it's really surprising some people behave and speak different than us :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:part of our cultural exception I guess… Good luck, speaking with french people in France.BTW: one day, we were gathering in my school, in France with many other students from all over the world. We were all speaking english to understand each others.I turned toward my american friend and told him : "this is the first time I can understand an american man speaking english, you know?"He replied "this… is… because… I…am…speaking…very…slowly…Philippe…":p

  14. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    I suppose there are worse things you could have done. Like just leave it in the bottom of the glass. :yikes::D

  15. I_ArtMan

    because i am speaking very slowly… lmao.i know from my experience in mexico, four times… attention…. and fluency seems almost miraculous.i will never speak francais courament until i am there.

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