Internet again!

Do you remember… the 21st night… of september..?
RATS! Internet connexion lost!
Ok, let's launch the network again, password…
Doesn't work… stop the firewall… no… services? IP adress?
restart? failsafe? Errorchecking? ping? restore point? spyware detect?scan antivirus?
Allright, forget it, Back with Ubuntu!
What the? Even Linux doesnt work! (no connexion)
Say, My Mac can't connect on internet. Did you…?
AhAAAAA? SO this is about the modem!
So, the connexions are OK, power is OK…
What if we simply call the technician?
NEVER! *ouch* Do you hear me? Never!
red Wire, Black Wire, power, green LED… Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuc…
Yes, 63 back street… We're waiting for you.
Yeah! Come in! We were expecting you. Computer is just over there
It used to work, and suddently, it stopped working…
Don't be angry… He's gonna repair internet. Good news, hay?
There! Working again! Yeeeeeesssss… gnagnagna…
So? What was the problem, finally?
The neighbour cut the wire when pruneing the hedge.
HONOR IS SAFE! Is he always like that? I find him kinda cool today, actually.

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10 responses to “Internet again!

  1. knuthy

    LOL, mort de rire, J'adore vos dessins.

  2. pfelelep

    Yeah, yeah, 10 days without internet… I checked EVERY-THING during those 10 days. :bomb:Finally… :doh:Cheer up, 'gonna post some niiiiiiiiiiiiiice stuff soon.

  3. sugarwinx

    :lol:U are so funny!!

  4. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:très très amusante, cette planche etJ'adore ce Vercingétorix!Coco

  5. anonymous

    fanfan writes:première chose à faire avec une ligne adsl couplée à un téléphone: vérifier la tonalité !!!!

  6. hungryghost

    beeeeep…beeeeep…beeeeep…beeeeep…beeeeep…beeeeep…beeeeep…beeeeep…BEEEEEP!!!!😀 😀

  7. YannouLD

    C'est bien délirant!encore!!!!!!

  8. pfelelep

    @tout le monde: merci!!!!@fanfan: on a PAS le telephone fixe, sinon tu penses, j'aurais eu la puce l'oreille!@hungryghost: the malediction of the beep strikes again!

  9. auré

    bien vu l'artiste ! :DHahaha ! super ! le truc qui te met bien les nerfs ! c'est du vécu c'est sur, c'est fou comme on peut etre dépendant de l'internet. on s'en apperçoit tres vite quand on perd la connexion.en tout cas moi je suis content, mon blog a l'air de refonctionner normalement… ouf !

  10. pfelelep

    Dans la vie, c'est mieux quand ça marche, hein?

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