children at work / travail des enfants 1


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*ma newsletter à ce sujet ici(3 pages à lire)

english translation:
I've just heard on radio that western's associations recommand to boycott toys and gadgets made in china for the coming olympic games.

Yes, because they're made by children.
Oh, so I guess they're right then.

But ALL toys of ALL olympic games or world cups have ALWAYS been made by chinese children!
So what?

So what? So this time, it's boycott because chinese are going to get the money and not the westerners!
Aren't you exaggerating a bit?

But can't you see? Every time China's involved, "it's evil". But when western countries are involved, nobody's talking!

Remember your childhood's toys? I made them!
Well, I guess…
(*(read my newsletter about it, 3 pages to read, in french)

Was there any poor exploited child's scandal then?
Well, yes, I can remember a little bit about it.

Yeah., well, now, people are screaming as if chinese invented the worst thing on earth ever!
It's not really harmless don't you think?

wait, did you EVER ask yourself why children are working?
(to be continued…)


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5 responses to “children at work / travail des enfants 1

  1. pfelelep

    Cette histoire (et celle à venir) ne va pas m'attirer que des amis, je le sens. Mais… je pense que ça vaut le coup. Vous verrez bien.

  2. Pif

    Je suis curieux de voir comment tu vas t'en sortir. Allez Waiyim!

  3. pfelelep

    "Je suis curieux de voir comment tu vas t'en sortir."moi aussi… :insane: Franchement, la prochaine planche, je galère dessus, je suis sur des charbons ardents….

  4. auré

    Houla ! ça deviens compliqué cette affaire… continue c'est super ! :up:

  5. anonymous

    Pierre writes:Bah en tout cas, t'es sur la bonne voie !waiting for ze suite(je sais pas comment mettre les petits bonzommes jaunes, mais j'aurais mis comme auré)

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