Dessins en vrac


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4 responses to “Dessins en vrac

  1. pfelelep

    Just a few sketches, the last one is from hong kong artist RIZ.

  2. Amy_E

    I like the second one the most. It's so cool… He looks sort of sad. Old people have such interesting faces.

  3. billinbeijing

    HI I am Bill. You visited my blog ansaw how dangerous the wild life can be when we go exploring. Please return and visit. I see you are creative, an illustrator. I am too though I do not work on my drawing anymore. For years i ahve stopped but want to resume all of the time. I am living in Beijing China and will soon move to Kunming. I see you are in HK and some of your cartoons are about your life there. My girl is Chinese and an artist in Kunming. I think she would like to say hi to you. I think you are French? I am American and I am glad to meet you. Keep up the good work and what the wild animals!

  4. auré

    Tiens, c'est marrant le portrait de toi, tu ressemble comme deux gouttes d'eau a un portrait de Louis XIV, avec ton enorme perruque bouclée ! 😆

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