Rayni season 2

english translation:
In the subway…
"We are performing a few fire system tests, we are sorry for the inconvenience"
Fire system tests? They're not going to…

"Thank you for your cooperation, please continue your journey"

F**king rainy season.


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13 responses to “Rayni season 2

  1. pfelelep

    J'ai vraiment entendu ça dans le métro. Je devais être le seul à m'en inquiéter.Je me demande bien en quoi ces tests pouvaient ressembler?

  2. wickedlizard

    😆 OMG!!!! Did this really happen???? 😆

  3. YannouLD

    Vraiment bon les dessins!c'est franchement bien foutu!j'adore!!!!!!!

  4. pfelelep

    Thanks! :D@Lizard, no it doen't happen THAT far. But still, what kind of Fire system tests were they performing?

  5. wickedlizard

    😆 I just love your cartoons!!!! They´re great! :up:

  6. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:très très drôle! on en redemandecoco

  7. pfelelep

    :flattered:…?how come there's no "flattered" smiley on OP' community?

  8. attilasoul

    I agree with Lizard. Your cartoons are great, and I love your sense of humour! 😆

  9. attilasoul

    I was looking for a little cheering smiley when I wrote my previous post. 😀

  10. ALLY_G

    :lol:What a funny story!Maybe you know: I'm not really a comic fan, but I enjoy to your drawings and stories.Not only your sense of humour is great, but also your drawings are hilarious. :up:

  11. pfelelep

    thanks! 🙂

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