(updated) Mini Bus! Comic


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english translation:[/B]
In Hong Kong, le shortest and fastest way from a location to another are the mini-buses.
But there's a ritual to respect: first, you wave the driver.
Contrary to of the Occidental way, the gesture "come here" is upside down (I guess this could be explained by the fact I'm located at the oppposite site of the planet…)
You pay with your octopus card.
The driver close the door using a lever.
And let's go! (it's better quick sit btw)
The most modern buses are equipped with TV and speed detectors.
But most of drivers doesn't care actually….
To stop, you tell the driver you want to disembark, the driver raise his hand to signify he heard your request.
(again, it's better being locked on)
Finally, think of lighting up a incense at the nearest temple…


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8 responses to “(updated) Mini Bus! Comic

  1. pfelelep

    Il m'a fallu un bout de temps pour m'adapter au geste "viens ici" paume vers le bas; la semaine prochaine, comment se gratter le nez à la cantonaise.:rolleyes:Ca faisait un moment que je voulais la redessiner cette planche… C'est mieux en couleurs non?

  2. Liu

    Non seulement cette planche est sympa mais en plus elle est utile… :up:

  3. Amy_E

    LoL. That seems like it would be quite a ride.

  4. Pif

    C'est amusant, l'accélération du minibus HK ça ressemble au freinage des TEC (bus intercommunaux wallons).

  5. hungryghost

    ouf en lisant ta bande desinee, j'ai mal a mer…:yuck:

  6. Yorch

    Except from the gesture, it is exactly like in Mexico, in Queretaro there are buses that have TV's ans speedometers, but just like you said it is ignored by the driver, and when you want to get down you have to inform the driver, but he doesn't do anything to inform you he hear you.I wonder if mexico influence Hong-Kong or it was the other way.

  7. pfelelep

    Did I tell you my mother's grandmother's lived in Mexico?And actually, I think there's stranges relations between those 2 continents. Look at this very ancient chinese's art:http://my.opera.com/pfelelep/albums/showpic.dml?album=247009&picture=3654545(english wiki here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanxingdui)

  8. shigen

    … That's awesome. I have heard of the "rough" car rides over there.

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