Comic 4


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9 responses to “Comic 4

  1. pfelelep

    How to draw an action/adventure comic?Answer: ask AURE for advices and corrections :DFor comments users, here is the secret collaboration between Aure and me:the comic corrections from Aure:ninja:May His name be worshipped as he deserve it.

  2. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Well done :up:But who is that masked man :confused:

  3. pfelelep

    Ahhhhhhhhh finally somebody asked!who is this mysterious hero?wait for next comic release ­čśë

  4. Mickeyjoe-Irl


  5. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:a mon avis c'est le zorro de notre enfance ou le vengeur masqu├ę ou mieux:l'├ępervier,(BD bien connue) ce qui serait logique pour d├ęvorer un animal de l'esp├Ęce des vers;aurai je un jour la r├ęponse?coco

  6. Liu

    Bravo ├á Aur├ę, le "speed liner man" et ├á toi Pfelelep pour cette super BD. J'ai reconnu le masque de Fantomas 'hin hin hin hin'(> rire ├á la Fantomas), c'est lui dis ? :hat:

  7. ALLY_G

    That is a nice series of your comic. :up::wait: for your next sequence :happy:

  8. pfelelep

    …just posted ­čśë

  9. anonymous

    Paul writes:I came here from Bill in Beijing's site. I was very happy to look through your work. You have a very engaging style.

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