cafe hallucination



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14 responses to “cafe hallucination

  1. pfelelep

    La question étant:"est-ce que je bois trop de café ou pas assez de café le matin?"

  2. wickedlizard

    that is soooooooooooo cool! How did you do that???? 😀

  3. pfelelep

    (works with beer too) ;)@ Isabel: it's just a flash animation.

  4. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    "est-ce que je bois trop de café ou pas assez de café le matin?"Only one way to find out… have another cup 😆

  5. Amy_E

    That is soo cool. 😀

  6. hungryghost

    ahhh in asking the question, you've highlighted one of the joys of the morning coffee…captured the essence of the first cuppa of the morning :yes:I like this post very much!

  7. anonymous

    Liu writes:;)Joli ton fading… On fait comment pour mettre un joli avatar dis ?Sinon, je ne bois que du thé donc je ne peux pas te répondre… 🙂

  8. DillonRoberts

    Very Cool. Almost too cool….

  9. I_ArtMan

    cool. yes… i enjoyed it immensely. did you use gimp? for the flash animation?i did one once using gimp. it's around here somewhere. it's fun but it takes time and concentration.

  10. nopanic

    WOW! what kind of :coffee: is that 😆 Like the strip :up:

  11. anonymous

    Liu writes:To Artman : Gimp is a nice tool with great embedded effects that would take time to create using Flash. But in my point of view, Flash is THE animation tool, for big projects such as websites or animated demos. Also Gimp is easier to use. Finally, no matter the tool, if you have fun. 🙄

  12. pfelelep

    Pour Liu: pour mettre un avatar, il faut juste s'enregistrer sur le site de Opera(tu peux aussi y creer ton bo blog et disposer a ta guise de 300 megas d'espace)Le The a hong kong, c'est joli: les feuilles et les fleurs s'ouvrent a vue d'oeil dans l'eau chaude)

  13. auré

    Waou !Dis donc! avec une animation flash dans le café et tout ! la classe !

  14. attilasoul

    Amazing drawings! :up: My compliments!

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