bizness class / Bobo volant

english translation:[/B]
thanks to my father's generosity and to a BIG discount, we have tried the BIZNESS CLASS trip.
Because your money is worth it.

How could have ever dreamed to try the bizness class ever?

The seats are 2 times larger than normal, with 2 individuals armrest.

An articulated reading lamp.

And space for your legs! Rhaaaaa the legs….

Another glass of champagne sir?
I… Really? I can? It's free?

3 glasses Waiyim! 2 sets of flatware! A tablecloth! A tablecloth!!!
Look! There's even some olive oil for the salmon!

Notice that 80% of time spent in bizness, well you are drinking.
Champagne, white wine, red wine, calvados.


I think you're abusing.
NOOOOOOOO…My friend told me: it's normal. We pay for that.

Sir? May I notice you…

That you are ONLY on bizness class…

But I can't imagine what the first class looks like?

It's hard to imagine that some people get used to that luxury.


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2 responses to “bizness class / Bobo volant

  1. pfelelep

    Voilà, pour ceux qui avaient encore des doutes (y compris moi-même): je suis définitivement un BOBO.Notez bien que cela fut la seule (et sera sans doute la dernière fois) de ma vie que je voyageais en bizness.(et que ça a fait TRES mal de rentrer en éco ensuite….) 🙄

  2. Pif

    Mine de rien, ça fait comprendre à quelle vitesse on peut s'habituer à, voire devenir accro à, un certain luxe.Quoique, soyons clair, avoir de la place pour ses jambes, ça n'est pas un luxe en soi, ça c'est les miracles du marketing-segmentisation-mes burnes.

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