Trip back to Hong Kong /Retour au pays

English translation[/B]
my plane trip back to Hong Kong was in economic class, the kind of place where you have 90% chances to get a painful neighbor.
"Jezuz, how cheeky…"

A bad mannered person who thinks that the whole plane belongs to him, and especially the whole seat and everything around.

And I was sweating out.
"Stay cool pfel', he will soon finish his paper and then…"

But no, he was spreading more and more.

Adding the fact he was farting with no refrain (we knew he was the one because the smell disappear as soon he left for the toilets)

a 13 hours long flight, tidy near a fart-spreading guy…

trying to escape, I used the "fall asleep at all cost" ninja technic.

He mistook his reading lamp and turn on mine to read again during the night…

Finally I tried the "Coue in Coma" method

until I smelled a new flagrance….

He was eating onion Pringles® chips

I dreamed farting Pringles® all flight long


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11 responses to “Trip back to Hong Kong /Retour au pays

  1. pfelelep

    C'est pas beau de se plaindre, mais ca soulage.Et puis ca nous est TOUS arrive, dans un sens ou dans l'autre; j'ai du aussi etre un petomane mangeur de chips un jour ou l'autre :rolleyes:To be continued.

  2. anonymous

    Coco writes:Vraiment pas de bol, dommage que tu n'ais pas été en business!

  3. pfelelep

    Ce sera pour une prochaine fois 😉

  4. hungryghost

    Ahhhhh Cauchemare!And I'm waiting to get on a plane to go to Italy soon – 10-12 hours. I hope the same passenger isn't on board sitting near me :faint:

  5. nopanic

    Avion e gaz naturelle. Un combination bien ??!!:D

  6. jihaine

    et encore qu'il te racontait pas sa vie, la bouche à 10 cm de tes oreilles… après avoir bouffé ses pringles à… l'oignon !!! là, c'était gaz à tous les étages…encore un qui fonctionne au GPL :Dsinon le retour ? envie ou pas ?

  7. ALLY_G

    Poor passengers, poor Philipe… :oI know, that is one of the plagues, when you have to fly eco class.But look, now you can tell us a sappy story :Dand your pictures make me smiling

  8. nopanic

    You ought to make a book of travel comics Philipe. The strips are so entertaining:lol:

  9. pfelelep

    thanks very much. :Dactually, it's a pleasure to share my "experiences" with you.

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