Awakening / matin difficile


(honteusement inspiré par BOULET, merci à lui)


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16 responses to “Awakening / matin difficile

  1. pfelelep

    This is guy's stuff. So don't ask, I won't reply to any woman's question about it.:whistle:

  2. nopanic

    Use a deep plate. You dont have to stand on your hands in order to pee:lol:

  3. wickedlizard

    :lol:ahem… why did you stand on your hands to pee, may i ask???? :whistle:

  4. kolslorr

    "Morning Wood"… lolbtw pfelelep, i like ur banner, draw me one ya? hehehe

  5. nopanic

    Mind your own business Wicked…This is man talk:cool:

  6. wickedlizard

    :lol:enquiring minds want to know…

  7. yooperprof

    C'est très amusant!

  8. anonymous

    Auré writes:Je te reconnais bien la Phil,et je me reconnais tout a fait dans ce type de réveil moi meme, excepté un truc ! je n'ai pas de chausson ridicules au bout des pieds !!!!la honte !!!! hahaha !

  9. wickedlizard

    so????? :eyes:

  10. pfelelep

    You REALLY don't have a clue Isabel? :angel:

  11. nopanic


  12. wickedlizard

    no… :angel: 🙂

  13. Yorch

    VERY FUNNY, I love your blog for all the cartoons! I wish I could remember all the french I learned in Highschool so I don't have the need to see the translation.

  14. jihaine

    excellent… une question me turlu… pine… du coup, t'as laissé ton café refroidir ?

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