job Interview / entretien et déontologie


english translation:[/B]
I've called you in because your curriculum vitae seems to match perfectly with the profile we are looking for.

We are looking for a teacher of… excuse me one second please.

A quantic physics teacher! How lucky! Exactly your profile!

Actually, it's an almost true story: as his schedule had free-time, a hong kong gymnastics teacher has been asked by the principal to teach ART LESSON in his school.

So, I guess, as an artist, I could have been asked to teach some "nothing related subject".

My friend waiyim managed to deal with some very interesting classes assignements those last 2 years:
cultural studies
french cultural studies
fashion photography
computer aided design
website design
design communicationb
portfolio image design
portfolio fashion design
art critic

(none of wich she's qualified, except for the last one).

I trust your imagination to guess what the "educative system" look like in Hong kong…

en français:[/B]
Pour être honnête, il s'agit d'une histoire presque vraie: récemment, à Hong kong, un prof' de gym s'est vu proposer par son directeur de compléter son emploi du temps en dispensant des cours d'art dans l'école.

Alors, j'imagine que j'aurais pu moi aussi me voir proposer d'enseigner des matières que je ne connais pas (en fait, ON ME L'A PROPOSE!)

Depuis les 2 ans qu'elle travaille à l'école, Waiyim a réussi à tenir des classes au sujets aussi divers qu'intéressants:
culture générale
culture française
photographie de mode
design assisté par ordinateur
design de site web
design de communication (ou kekchose comme ça)
design de portfolio
portfolio de mode
critique d'art

(sujets qui lui sont totalement étrangers, à l'exception du dernier)

Je vous laisse imaginer le niveau du système éducatif à Hong Kong…


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10 responses to “job Interview / entretien et déontologie

  1. wickedlizard

    oh this happens all the time in Portugal! :irked:

  2. hungryghost

    Mais le physique Quantique explique tous..La vie est randonne. Simple non? 😀 😀

  3. Pif

    If enough people are randomly appointed, it might achieve the status of the first ever wiki education system. Wouldn't that be cool?

  4. Yorch

    There are some "private" schools in Mexico that accept all the expell students, students no other school accepts anymore, and in those schools the systems works exactly the same, I had a friend who teach anything they tell him to teach, when he actually studied Political Science, the other day he ask me for a marketing book (I'm in marketing) because he was going to teach that… and also because this schools are bad the principal of the school ask the teachers to pass everybody, no matter the actual learning.Many of those "patito" schools are appearing in every city, to teach those kids that nobody else want to teach.

  5. MissyJo

    well, that happens in the Philippines too. How sad… I graduated with adegree in Sociology and I was asked to teach Economics, Political Science and yes… Philosophy 1 (Basic Logic. When I was recruited by another school, I taught English, Social Studies, Filipino (national language) and exaggggeesss—- MATH! But oh yes—I accepted it. If others can, why can't I? Now, the most ridiculous, but maybe not… I was asked to handle Entrepreneurship… my qualifications? I am a businesswoman (turned one when my salary as a teacher couldnt cope with family finances… And I never never really seriously taught Sociology. Only in my dreams. 😦

  6. pfelelep

    Oh… my…. :eyes:I thought I was the only one….No surprise the next generation has a low-level of knowledge if us, teachers, cannot teach them decent classes 😦

  7. phamlam

    ha ha, so funny 🙂 Thank man!

  8. Pif

    On the other hand, judging by a good half of my teachers when I was in a quite expensive private school in France, well, you can be as mediocre as they were, but you'll have to try hard not to care.

  9. anonymous

    Auré writes: Ouais, et alors ? Je vois rien de nouveau la dedans,c'est pas un scoop Philou… C'était bien comme ça aux Arts décos non ?t'avais pas remarqué peut etre ? Hahahaha !!!!

  10. MissyJo

    i wish we could really laugh about it. but the truth is, we cannot because we know what it means to the future of this planet. if there were indeed other lives in other planets, what a shame earthlings are like this! 😦 i guess, the burden is on us teachers. We should always do our best to give our very best. And as students, we should always take the initiative to go beyond the best of our teachers. Ultimateky, the bottom line is the "Self." anyway, this post drives me to want to go into the academe again…soon.

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