where the king goes alone / scatologie….

Et sachez que google a la réponse, alors jouez le jeu jusqu'au bout!:idea:

english translation:
how could have guessed that during a party in my HK's friends home

I would challenge the ultimate hygienic and taboo experience: the japanese toilets.

Don't be afraid: it's exactly the same as "our" basic model…. …with a remote.

A real command center with many buttons and japanese sub-titles.

the 2 first buttons controls a warm water-jet to….you-guess-what.

…a surprising experience I must confess.

the best part is a little fan, ultimate step for a perfect poop.

(an unexplainable feeling, really)

Well, kinda amusing as you can guess.

One thing was not clear to me: why 2 buttons to control the water-jet? I asked my friends.

…and the answer really disappointed me.
Do you know why?

Japanese friends don't answer too fast! Let our occidental contestants guess by themselves.:sherlock:
And don't use google: it's too easy. :confused:


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23 responses to “where the king goes alone / scatologie….

  1. Pif

    Ca a un rapport avec le lavement?Notons que si tu avais consciencieusement reproduit le texte des boutons, ça eut pu aider (ta transcription est un peu, comment dire, branlante).

  2. pfelelep

    branlante….?y'a un rapport, justement 🙄

  3. pfelelep

    j'en ai trop dit?nan, c'est pas ce que vous croyez!

  4. wickedlizard

    😆 :faint:

  5. Green Aya

    Great!!Sometimes I try to push many kinds of bottun that I have never tried before.I really enjoy to find and try new type of washlet! :p

  6. ALLY_G

    😀 😆 what a nice funny story 😆

  7. hungryghost

    LOLtrop drole! Moi, je n'ai pas de reponse pour les deux boutons…-mais les images et histoire – formidable!!Les aventures dans une toilette japonaise…

  8. pfelelep

    indeed.But for non-japanese speakers like me, me cannot tell the difference between the male and female water-jet.if your see what I mean :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

  9. Green Aya

    2 buttons?I have just searched in my toilet. I think 1 is for bottom and the other is for women.

  10. Green Aya

    To explain this with another language would be dangerous and dangerous !!For women,the nozzule extend longer than the other one.I wonder what is like the toilet of foreign countries.There is no such a nozzule?I thought the bidet came from western countries…

  11. Pif

    Indeed the term bidet itself seems to point to the wonderful cultural legacy of our great country, namely France; but I have to say, being a former parisian, that the bidet is often sacrificed on the altar of ever smaller flat surfaces and ever growing rents.The last time I saw a fully functional bidet at a friend's, it was used as a massive ash tray, which, yes, was rather disgusting.As for me, if I had to design hi-tech toilets, the water would be handled by a joystick.

  12. Green Aya

    Good idea!!

  13. anonymous

    Auré writes:je pense que le deuxieme bouton sert a envoyer une mousse lavante ou désinfectante,ou peut etre un peu de parfum ça serait le top du top du cul propre n'est-ce pas ?C'est ça Phil ?

  14. pfelelep

    NAN!Y'a que toi pour avoir des idees pareilles….(ceci dit, ce serait top en effet)

  15. mariolaz

    c'est pour le cas où le jet d'eau n'est pas suffisant? une grosse brosse sort et gratte gratte gratte pour éviter les traces de pneu????

  16. pfelelep

    nan, spontex n'est pas encore implanté au japon.cela ne saurait tarder 😆

  17. anonymous

    Auré writes: Ha ! ça y es je sais !C'est le truc du coton tige, tu colle ton oreille sur la cuvette et un coton tige sort et te récure l'oreille. je pense que c'est ça. ou alors une brosse a dent.

  18. anonymous

    PACO writes:y a t il un rapport … avec une brosse a dent ?

  19. anonymous

    田中 writes:バカやろ

  20. pfelelep

    vous êtes tous fous :)de vrais artistes 😀

  21. nudelsieb

    Great story!Fortunately, the toilet I met had English subtitles 😉

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