Fallen Art / et humour noir.

Happy, happy…

histoire de bien commencer cette annee….:D

a film by / un film de Tomek Baginski



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6 responses to “Fallen Art / et humour noir.

  1. poupoune5

    That's excellent this movie, this Tomek Baginski is really good! Incredible what they manage to do with 3D, it must have taken ages!

  2. pfelelep

    Music is my favourite ;)Tomek Baginski made the movie "the cathedral" before:http://www.platige.com/index.php?lng=en&tu=27beautiful too.I discoverd this video "au petit bohneur", thanks internet! :DAs another great animation there's also ELEPHANT DREAMS:http://orange.blender.org/(made with open sourced 3d software BLENDER)http://www.blender.org/cms/Home.2.0.html

  3. DillonRoberts


  4. monikag

    excellent film….greetingsM.

  5. deurick

    :yes: 3D super soigné, excellent …!

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