did you feel it? / C’etait pas loin.


The 2006 Hengchun earthquake occurred on December 26, 2006 at 12:25 UTC (20:25 local time), with an epicenter off the southwest coast of Taiwan, approximately 22.8 km west southwest of Hengchun, Pingtung County, Taiwan (with an exact hypocenter 21.9 km deep in the Luzon Strait (21.89° N 120.56° E), which connects the South China Sea with the Philippine Sea.

There are conflicting reports of the magnitude of the quake, with the Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau marking it at 6.7 ML [1], the United States Geological Survey estimating it at 7.1 Mw [2], the Hong Kong Observatory [3] , and the Japan Meteorological Agency [4] put the magnitude at 7.2 Mw. Taiwan's Central News Agency is reporting that it is the strongest earthquake to hit Hengchun in one hundred years. [5] The earthquake not only caused casualties and building damages, but also damaged several undersea cables, disrupting telecommunication services in various parts of Asia. Coincidentally, the earthquake occurred on the second anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that devastated the coastal communities across Southeast and South Asia and 3rd anniversary of the 2003 earthquake that devastated the southern Iranian city of Bam.


Starting from the dawn of December 27, connection between foreign web sites/servers and Hong Kong internet users kept failing. (…) As of December 31, the situation of internet connection had improved. Although sites that were previously unavailable became accessible, the connection speed was still slower than normal.

…and kinda difficult to blog those days…:down:

en français:[/U]


Le séisme de Hengchun du 26 décembre 2006 est un tremblement de terre sous-marin de 7,2 sur l'échelle de Richter ayant eu lieu au sud de l'île de Taïwan. Il a endommagé des câbles sous-marins de communication. Une partie des communications téléphoniques et Internet sont coupées pour l'Asie orientale. Un Tsunami de 1 mètre a frappé les côtes proches, deux personnes sont mortes, environ 40 blessées. Quelques bâtiments se seraient effondrés.

…et pas top pour blogger en ce moment….



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3 responses to “did you feel it? / C’etait pas loin.

  1. Secure_Net

    C'était pas loin !! Parles pour toi… moi mon seul risque de Tsunami que j'ai subi le 1er janvier 07, c'était une fuite d'eau de la machine à laver :lol:Blagues à part… cela ne doit pas être la joie par chez vous…:knight:P.

  2. zerog

    Hey, you got through of a situation that literaly rocked :headbang:

  3. anonymous

    gary writes:hi how r u

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