just in front of us / sous nos yeux…

and nobody's care.

hardly translated from the french newspaper LE MONDE:

Interrogations after the suicide of refugees in the center of retention of Marseilles

Investigation was open after the suicide, Friday evening, in the center of retention of Canet in Marseilles of a 22 years old turkish refugee, under the blow of a decree of renewed at the border, which caused a strong emotion among the few 90 other held foreigners.

Kazim Kastule hung himself, friday evening, in its room. The man who divided his room tried to carry help to him and alerted the guards around 11 p.m.. But the firemen could not revive it. It acts of the first suicide in the center of retention of Canet, according to Cimade.

"There is no reason to think that it's not act of a suicide", declared the public prosecutor of Marseilles, Jacques Beaume. A Tunisian fellow-prisoner, Mr. Saidi, cannot explain what happen. "We do not understand what occurred. During half an hour, the other man called helps and nobody came ", it told by telephone since the center of retention. "If the helps had arrived earlier, perhaps that one could have saved it". The prefecture of the Rhone delta did not wish to make "any comment".

"We do not know the reasons of its act, however that highlights the nonsense and the violence of a system which locks up people who did not do anything of other to want to improve their living conditions while coming to France", estimated Cimade in an official statement. The Network Education Without Borders (RESF) called with a gathering in front of the center of retention, Sunday midday, to denounce "the responsibility for the government which leads these people to despair".

The decree of taken back at the border taken in its opposition was applicable before December 9. The man, who did not speak French, had not engaged of recourse against the decree, still specified Cimade, which ensures a legal support the abroads.

This suicide caused a sharp emotion among the few 90 other foreigners held in the center of retention. Saturday evening, some refused to eat. Sunday, always "shocked", they denounced the lack of average materials, medical and especially the absence of consideration."Kazim committed suicide because one treats us like dogs", has carried a man of Algerian extraction, held for nine days."Since my arrival 18 days ago, I saw neither doctor, neither psychologist, nor psychiatrist", testified Mr. Saidi.

Mondher Sfar, member in Paris of the Collective of the Tunisian community, also drew the attention to the case of Bilal Chouhir, a Tunisian arrested in Lyon and under the blow of a "completely unfounded decree of expulsion". This father of five children living in France, is "cardiac and diabetic and wrongly retained in Canet", explained Mr. Sfar. He also evokes the case of an Egyptian "epileptic and asthmatic" for whom the medical follow-up "leaves something to be desired".

Yeah, yeah, I know, they stole the bread from ours children's mouth…

shame on us.

en français:[/U]

…et on s'en fout.

Interrogations après le suicide d'un sans-papiers au centre de rétention de Marseille (et on ne parle plus de Sangatte)

Une enquête a été ouverte après le suicide, vendredi soir, au centre de rétention du Canet à Marseille d'un sans-papiers turc de 22 ans, sous le coup d'un arrêté de reconduite à la frontière, qui a provoqué une forte émotion parmi les quelque 90 autres étrangers détenus(…)

"Nous ne connaissons pas les raisons de son acte, cependant cela met en évidence l'absurdité et la violence d'un système qui enferme des personnes qui n'ont rien fait d'autre que de vouloir améliorer leurs conditions de vie en venant en France", a estimé la Cimade (Comité intermouvements auprès des évacués) dans un communiqué. Le Réseau Education Sans Frontières (RESF) a appelé à un rassemblement devant le centre de rétention, dimanche midi, pour dénoncer "la responsabilité du gouvernement qui conduit ces gens au désespoir"(…)

Ce suicide a provoqué une vive émotion parmi les quelque 90 autres étrangers détenus au centre de rétention. Samedi soir, certains ont refusé de manger. Dimanche, toujours "choqués", ils ont dénoncé le manque de moyens matériels, médicaux et surtout l'absence de considération."Kazim s'est suicidé parce qu'on nous traite comme des chiens", s'est emporté un homme d'origine algérienne, détenu depuis neuf jours."Depuis mon arrivée il y a 18 jours, je n'ai vu ni médecin, ni psychologue, ni psychiatre", a témoigné M. Saidi(…)

l'article complet ici:

Le site de RESF (Réseau d'Education Sans Frontières)

Oui, oui je sais, ils volent le pain des français.

Honte à nous.


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4 responses to “just in front of us / sous nos yeux…

  1. Pif

    Comprenez, on ne peut pas accueillir tout la misère du monde, blah blah blah blah.Et en plus ils sentent.

  2. hungryghost

    yeah, this is happening everywhere it seems – the powerful have too much of a hold over the powerless.But what is the answer I wonder?Maybe we need another Bastille…… :eyes:

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