Today, as my chinese friend IVY request, I post a small comic about the differences between chinese and french barbecues.
(actually, chinese refer to my Tianjin and hong Kong's experiences, and french is related to… my culture.):rolleyes:

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


english translation:

  • In Hong Kong's barbecues, everybody gather around the BBQ to cook his own plate.
  • In France, there's only one guy working for the other ones…
  • In HK, more than meat, you can eat a lot of different stuff…
    Fishballs, meatballs, octopusballs, crabs, shrimps, chicken wings and legs, potatoes, corn, and we use individuals forks.
  • In France, well…. It's more meat-related: porc and sheep sausages, meat, sometimes a brochette.
  • Finally, there's only one thing I never get used to…
  • It's when they put living crustacean on the grill "Noooooo"…, "hot…", "too hot"…
    But it doesn't occurs very often, fortunately

en français:[/B]
Aujourd'hui, à la demande de la jolie IVY, je poste une petite bédé sur les différences notables entre les barbecues français et les barbecues hongkongais.
(Hong Kong et ma petite expérience en Chine, à Tianjin)


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9 responses to “BBQ !

  1. pfelelep

    " a funny hat" :)I'd like to have such one. Looks like a chief, right?

  2. hungryghost

    Hello!It's so true what your cartoon says about the differences between Asian Barbeques and North American ones too – always it's the man who cooks, dressed in a funny hat of some kind and the meat is always covered in some sweet barbeque sauce! But at least you also get corn here 😀 :DTake care!!:D

  3. ivy_000

    Thanks, dear, very nice cartoon, and explained very well!However, my question is, isn't it unfair to ask one person to cook and the others to eat? Or is the person really enjoys cooking?? To be equally, we cook for ourselves 🙂

  4. pfelelep

    YES! IT IS UNFAIR! DEFINETLY!but, nobody's ever ask himself about changing this way in France… 🙄

  5. angel292005

    hahah, very cute. 🙂 Nice drawings. About cooking, it depends on who is throwing the BBQ. For us, we ask family and friends to come over then we are hosting the party, therefore we cook. No big deal, we love to cook for others and they will do the same for us when we go to their house. :yes:

  6. hungryghost

    oh not so sure about the hat just looking like a chef's I've seen some which were in the shape of a lobster..

  7. ricewood

    Interesting – not only the drawings which are very talented as usual – but also the fact that barbecue habits in my country seems very close to the North American way of barbecueing.Nice post about an unusual subject executed in a skilled manner – just the way I like it.

  8. wickedlizard

    very interesting! and I love your sketches! :up:

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