Dedicated to my friend KAMYUE

english translation:[/I]

  • my friend goldfish come to visit us last week-end. Surprise: his finger was broken.
  • he explained us, he broke his tendon during a climbing competition.
  • Just to inform you, Goldfish was the guy who show me it was humanly possible for a human being to hang with only one finger… Yes… No… quite busy yes…. 'call you back… Bye!
  • He showed me a picture of his scar: Horrible! Looks like the surgeon was alcoholic.
  • before him, I thought only Captain Harlock could survive such a surgery and scar.
    (Sylvidres are comin'! All crew to battle station!)
  • Back to the climbing case, I guess his accident will change the situation between us. Before, it looks like that.
  • But Now….
    Arg! they got me! leave me alone Philippe! Run for your life! I'll never leave you! You hear me Kamyue? Never!
  • Yaaaaaaaaaahaaa! I'm the king of the hill! What's wrong with him? I think he make sport again.

you can have a look at his pictures (climbing / injuries) here: :spock:

Don't hesitate to leave a message for him!


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  1. michael_aka_emilien

    I will probably need some drug to catch the main idea, but anyway, I like it 😉

  2. pfelelep

    I guess my english translation needs some corrections, eh :rolleyes:Any help welcomed

  3. wickedlizard

    nuts!people are nuts! :p

  4. anonymous

    Pamela writes:Waouhhhhh!What a man !!!! Who is this rough bloodthirsty man and sensitive?mmmmhhhmmmm… I am hot… i will start by taking off my sweater.

  5. ivy_000

    hi,thanks for visiting my place. I'm interested to know how different our Chinese BBQ is from your French ones? 🙂

  6. pfelelep

    I'll reply to your question in the next post Ivy 😉

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