CHICKEN WHAT? / ils me tuent ces p’tits c…..

Did I mention I am a sketching teacher in a chinese school in Hong Kong?

english translation:

"today, creativity class"
"sketch a chicken"

-"Say, how many legs a chicken has?"
-"Eh? You don't know THAT?"
-"But usually, I only eat chicken wings!"

Bon, à part ça, ils ont été sages….:rip:
Apart from that, they've been quite well-behaved.

nan, mais pour de vrai, je les aime mes élèves….. j'ai juste besoin de…. de….

Lord, Give me strength….


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9 responses to “CHICKEN WHAT? / ils me tuent ces p’tits c…..

  1. saeko

    0.0 Waaaaaaaaaah !Que de talent monsieur le prof.>.> En tout cas vive le QI de vos élèves, … !Bonne continuation.

  2. pfelelep

    Le truc qui me console, c'est que MES profs, à l'époque, devaient dire la même chose de moi et de mes camarades…:whistle:mais bon, "combien de pattes à un poulet", quand même….:faint:

  3. michael_aka_emilien

    Bwa-ha-ha-ha-hah! That's great, man!I always wanted to be an expirienced artist! But I'm absolute 0 in drawing :(I like japanese manga style the most. I think it's very funny :DGood luck!And waiting for more pics!M.

  4. Lee_in_FL

    Great sketches! I'd write that in French, but I failed French in high school! I'm not joking! I really did!:happy:

  5. nopanic

    😆 Be patient. Great story though

  6. anonymous

    NDAR et Claire writes:Well, the chicken's got five legs. Then What? Pfel, we reeeeeally think you're getting older, beware man!!!Lots o' loads o' luf.Ndar

  7. pfelelep

    Why does the chicken cross the road…..? 🙄

  8. kolslorr

    Hilarious! and i wish i can draw like that too.

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