WASAWHAT? / J’ai teste pour vous


Looking forward for all you'd need, I have tested….
sniffing a wasabi ball in a tupperware.

I don't recommend it.


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9 responses to “WASAWHAT? / J’ai teste pour vous

  1. wickedlizard

    are you nuts????wasabi? you smelled it?try sniffing up black pepper if you want more adventures! :p

  2. pfelelep

    If you've never tried, you'll never know….Next step, nude running in the desert with honey on my back…:rolleyes:

  3. wickedlizard

    :lol:I have a tube of wasabi… will I give it a whifff???? 🙄

  4. pfelelep

    It's a great medecine against common cold for sure! But not really painless.

  5. theproofofthepudding

    wasabi qu'est ce donc que cette denrée – enfin denrée je suppose ça m'a l'air d'être un truc style piment (??) M'enfin vu de loin ! (st amand les eaux…)

  6. pfelelep

    Wasabi, c'est une sorte de moutarde version japonaise, à base de radis blanc.C'est très fort, mais la brulure disparait vite 😀

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