Can… ette.

It's in Hongkong where I found the last cans with tabs.
I dident' see such can since my teenagehood, so it was a shock just to open the can with the tab around my finger, just like a hand grenade.

…my gosh, what a dangerous life I have, eh…?

en français:

c'est à hong kong que j'ai retrouvé les denières canettes avec une oreillette détachable (je voulais dire languette mais il parait que c'est pas le terme exact).

Putain, quel choc de me retrouver avec ce bout d'alu sur le doigt: une vraie grenade.

…quelle vie trépidante je mène en ce moment, moi alors….


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13 responses to “Can… ette.

  1. wickedlizard

    i haven´t seen one of those in a long while too! 😀

  2. pfelelep

    Thanxs Lizard, I feel less alone.Some friends told me that those cans were just removed a few years ago, not that long.But now I know I'm not crazy: for a lot of years!

  3. wickedlizard

    they still sell here in Portugal these little cans with real peach juice and it has that kind of tab too.I´ll will look for one and photograph it for you. Then your friends can´t call you crazy! 😀

  4. Haku-F

    THX a lot for coming to my blog yesterday.I just come here to say Hi.If U wanna this kind of cans come to ShenYang, U can get them everywhere here.PS:Cocacola is my favorite~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. wickedlizard

    ta da!!!!! :Dmy new avatar! Thanks! :headbang:

  6. JazzMoss

    Hmmm….someone told me the same too recently. At first I was puzzled with what he was saying about the rarity of such can's tab when I still see them most of the time back home…….????? Ah…yes….Singapore.

  7. pfelelep

    ta daaaaaaa…something's familiar about him.. hmm….. 🙄

  8. poupoune5

    He he 🙂 Why did they stop this kind of tabs anyways? Is it because they were thrown on the ground? Maybe because they could fall into the sea and strangulate blue whales… Must be that

  9. wickedlizard

    i seem to remember a lot of swearing when you opened those type of cans, mainly because the stupid tab thingy would break and then you looked at the impossibility of opening tha can afters! 😀

  10. misund007

    Great drawings! Why are we still using cans? I'm sure the beverage inside would taste just as good in some sort of Tupperware (it locks the freshness inside) 🙂

  11. pfelelep

    thanks for the compliments!I have to confess that this drawing was made from a picture (I diden't work from a pict since a looooooooong time), but I could'nt figure out how to draw my figers otherwise…Won't do it again, I swear… :whistle:

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