true story / le choc des civilisations


english translation for all my non-french speakers friends:😀

-See that? It's a spoon.I know, in China, you're using chopsticks.

-I guess it's not very easy to use chopsticks.
-It's alright.

-You can't eat yogourts with your chopsticks…

-Well YEAH! How can you eat yogourts with chopsticks?

-You know, in China, we don't eat yogourts.

-You don't eat yogourts?

-Is there anything in China then? What do eat?

NOW a small explanation: in fact, in China, they DO NOT EAT yogourts, they DRINK yogourts (usually with a drinking straw). In this story, my friend Waiyim tell the french guy they dunnot eat yogourts in order to finish her meal quietly (and not arguing with the mister-question-and-answer guy

en français:[/B]
une petite rectification avant d'aller au lit: en fait, en Chine ils ne MANGENT pas de yaourts, ils les BOIVENT (avec une paille), dans cette histoire, mon amie Waiyim répond que les chinois ne mangent pas de yaourts pour couper court à cette interrogatoire et finir son déjeuner tranquille.

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4 responses to “true story / le choc des civilisations

  1. wickedlizard

    cute story

  2. JazzMoss

    😆 il est drôle

  3. pfelelep

    actually, I find this story kinda sad: how french guys doesn't even bother considering chinese people as "different" but equal.this "no yogourt = no civilized country" attitude makes me sick. :irked:seems that I diden't express it well in this cartoon, gosh…

  4. JazzMoss

    I understood the message hidden in it. Just didn't want to mention it out loud. Glad to hear from your point of view. I am sure you make a lot of wise and cultivé French proud. 😉 Glad to be an acquaintance. :happy:

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