true story / le choc des civilisations


english translation for all my non-french speakers friends:­čśÇ

-See that? It's a spoon.I know, in China, you're using chopsticks.

-I guess it's not very easy to use chopsticks.
-It's alright.

-You can't eat yogourts with your chopsticks…

-Well YEAH! How can you eat yogourts with chopsticks?

-You know, in China, we don't eat yogourts.

-You don't eat yogourts?

-Is there anything in China then? What do eat?

NOW a small explanation: in fact, in China, they DO NOT EAT yogourts, they DRINK yogourts (usually with a drinking straw). In this story, my friend Waiyim tell the french guy they dunnot eat yogourts in order to finish her meal quietly (and not arguing with the mister-question-and-answer guy

en fran├žais:[/B]
une petite rectification avant d'aller au lit: en fait, en Chine ils ne MANGENT pas de yaourts, ils les BOIVENT (avec une paille), dans cette histoire, mon amie Waiyim r├ępond que les chinois ne mangent pas de yaourts pour couper court ├á cette interrogatoire et finir son d├ęjeuner tranquille.

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4 responses to “true story / le choc des civilisations

  1. wickedlizard

    cute story

  2. JazzMoss

    ­čść il est dr├┤le

  3. pfelelep

    actually, I find this story kinda sad: how french guys doesn't even bother considering chinese people as "different" but equal.this "no yogourt = no civilized country" attitude makes me sick. :irked:seems that I diden't express it well in this cartoon, gosh…

  4. JazzMoss

    I understood the message hidden in it. Just didn't want to mention it out loud. Glad to hear from your point of view. I am sure you make a lot of wise and cultiv├ę French proud. ­čśë Glad to be an acquaintance. :happy:

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