We've just watched SUPERSIZE ME directed by Morgan Spurlock.

Well, it DID work on us.:yuck:

Dare to watch it?

en français:
On vient de voir SUPERSIZE ME de Morgan Spurlock.

Ben ça a eu son effet escompté.

oserez-vous le paquet de chips en même temps?

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8 responses to “SUPERSIZE ME

  1. wickedlizard

    :yuck:such idiots in the world. i heard that guy was really really sick afters!

  2. poupoune5

    I really like your drawings Pfelelep!This movie was great, it's true that it's a bit like Jackass in the concept, but this one really denounces something.I've never been to a McDonald's since I'm 13, since I was in the US. I try to avoid junk food, and I'd like to know the real impact from this movie on people (and on the long run 😉 )Nonetheless, I think there not much food on earth which someone can take everyday, three times a day, for a long time without consequences.

  3. wickedlizard

    Yep. :insane: how can someone spend so much time eating the same crap all day long and for months even!

  4. pfelelep

    Hi there!Well, Mc Donald's stop his "supersized" menu shortly after the movie was released, so I GUESS it has an impact.Otherwise, just read the Wiki article, the IMPACT section :DOr just see the Mc DONALDS website response: thanks very much for the compliment poupoune)

  5. Duplo

    Hi Pfelelep,I sure does work, I had a peak to the kichen in a McD in Miami a few years back, worked better than the movie:DLove your scetches by the way:)Take care:)Thomas

  6. pfelelep

    thanks for the compliment!interesting, I always thought that the Mc donalds kitchen are always very clean. beacuse of their "nothing to be ashamed of" policy.But maybe you are speaking of the dark side of their ingredients?

  7. Duplo

    No no dark sides it just did not look anywhere near delicious or even remotely close when looking out there…

  8. anonymous

    Caillen writes:Our teacher made us watch it in our health class… it was disgusting and made me feel psyically sick, but that guy (morgan) did it for a great cause so well done to him… he was willing to put his own health at risk for people all over the world, and that takes pure guts… caillen

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