happy birthday bis

I like this cartoon "5 years of war against terrorism "from Chappatte, published in the swiss newspaper LE TEMPS

en français:[/B]
Le dessin de Chappatte
5 ans de guerre contre le terrorisme Dessin paru dans le journal Le Temps


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8 responses to “happy birthday bis

  1. wickedlizard

    happy birthday…

  2. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:so true

  3. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:so true

  4. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:so true

  5. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:Cartoon lastimável

  6. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:

    allaho akbar

  7. anonymous

    Anonymous writes: Aloha Akbar Alékoum pic et pic et colégram …

  8. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:

    it makes me feel that after all these years of killing them for terrorism it is making us more cause terorrism to them which doesnt make us superior but the same to them

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